Skipping Girl Vinegar
Oct 10th, 2012 by hachaduryan



Location: Australia

Genre: Indie Pop


Chris Helm: Drums, backing vocals, and melodica
Kelly Lane: Violin, backing vocals, percussion, and keyboards
Mark Lang: Vocals, guitar, banjo, and soundscape textures
Sare Lang: Bass, backing vocals, and percussion
Amanthi Lynch: Piano, keyboards, backing vocals, and percussion



Up-and-coming indie darlings, Skipping Girl Vinegar, are one of Australia’s most talked about bands. Childhood friends and celebrated songwriters, they have released two critically acclaimed albums in their homeland, Sift the Noise and Keep Calm, Carry the Monkey that made many ‘Album of the year’ lists. Both albums have received extensive radio play on national Australian youth network Triple J and championed by ABC and major alternative radio nationwide. Where hi-fi swagger meets low-fi sway, Skipping Girl Vinegar have carved out their own heart-warming, hobo-pop sound that is testament to the band’s old-world authenticity and song craft. Skipping Girl Vinegar release their Chase the Sun EP into the USA on the 25th of June that hints at whats to come from their critically acclaimed album Keep Calm Carry the Monkey due for release into the USA later this year.

Skipping Girl Vinegar has played many of Australia’s premier festivals including packed shows at Splendour In The Grass, The Falls Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Sunset Sounds, Pyramid Rock, Port Fairy Folk Festival. SGV have also supported the likes of The Lemonheads, Something for Kate, Shout Out Louds, Missy Higgins, Angus & Julia Stone. SGV have performed numerous times on national television and their film clips have received critical acclaim (Including 5 times ‘Indie Clip Of The Week’ on Australia’s premier TV program RAGE).

Recently charting on the U.S. CMJ charts with their ‘Chase The Sun’ EP (2012), the band have been invited to play the CMJ Music Festival in New York in October this year alongside showcases in Los Angeles & Nashville. Whilst in the U.S. Skipping Girl Vinegar begin recording their third album with legendary producer Brad Jones (Josh Rouse, Missy Higgins) and release their Keep Calm, Carry the Monkey LP into the U.S (Mon, 22nd October 2012).



The band name, Skipping Girl Vinegar, comes from one of Australia’s first and most beloved 1920’s moving neon signs of a skipping girl, in their hometown of Melbourne; advertising a now defunct vinegar company. Skipping Girl Vinegar has carved out their own heart-warming, hobo-pop sound that is testament to the band’s old-world authenticity and song craft. The character of the album was built around found objects discarded in dumpsters; breathing new life into them with all their beautiful, dysfunctional qualities.

“Don’t be afraid to limp in public” was the advice given to Skipping Girl Vinegar’s lead singer and celebrated songwriter Mark Lang by music veteran Ben Harper, when both on the bill at Australian premier music festival Splendour In The Grass.

According to Mark, “This advice gave me the confidence to explore outside of our comfort-zone and search to make something fresh when people are watching what you do next. We had already begun working on the new album and had decided not to make Sift the Noise, volume two. We pushed ourselves – questioning our known process, breaking down everything we did, trying to find new pathways in our writing and recording.  This makes you feel extremely uncomfortable and can leave you feeling like you are floating in nowhere land. The temptation to return to what we knew was strong but I’m glad we pushed ahead into the unknown to unravel a new direction,” says Mark Lang.



If you take the time to explore the cover art you will see that Skipping Girl Vinegar are not your average collective. With a scrupulous eye for detail and an understanding of human connection, the album artwork is like a whisper that draws you close to see and hear the layers and textures of hidden details and thought. Through photos, cut outs and embossed files, the design reinforces the textured feel of the album.

Skipping Girl Vinegar were offered significant six-figure major label world-wide offers in Australia for their debut album but made the decision to maintain independence in their homeland and find individual label partners in other territories. The band make their maiden U.S. trip, this October, showcasing Keep Calm, Carry The Monkey to potential U.S industry partners.

Keep Calm, Carry The Monkey was written across two continents and recorded on the Victorian coast, mixed in Nashville by legendary indie engineer Brad Jones (Josh Rouse) and produced by Melbourne indie-wiz Nick Huggins [Kid Sam, Whitley], Caleb James [Yves Klein Blue], Greg Arnold [Stonefield] and SGV’s Mark Lang. Rich with sonic landscapes, melodies and lyrical turns the album proudly closes with a special guest performance from legendary singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith (Canada).



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Cole DeGenova
Oct 5th, 2012 by hachaduryan



Location: Chicago, IL

Genre: Neo Soul, Alternative




The other day we received this message down the wire.

Chicago neo-soul singer Cole DeGenova has just released his sophomore album Another Country, which streams at

We always give a listen to music that’s sent to us. And often times we listen only to a song or two. Maybe three. This time we kept listening to Cole DeGenova’s album “Another Country” over and over again. What initially starts as a poppy neo-soul slowly develops into very creative and rich fusion that also adds blues, funk and jazz (especially in Blues No More and Decolonized Minds).

Musician, poet, and songwriter Cole DeGenova has spent most of his life crafting his eclectic artistic voice. Born in Chicago and growing up in a family of musicians and artists, DeGenova began playing piano at age four and spent his childhood studying classical piano, the jazz and blues of his hometown, and the pop music of The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and D’Angelo. By age 15 he was playing professionally in jazz and blues clubs on Chicago’s South Side. His prodigious talents led him to study at Berklee College of Music in 2005 where he trained further with jazz piano great Danilo Perez. After forming his funky alternative soul group Cole DeGenova & The Peoples Republic with fellow Berklee students, they released their first album JUST PEOPLE AGAIN in 2009. Three years later, and after thousands of miles of road covered, his second album, ANOTHER COUNTRY,  is here this summer 2012; an inspired culmination of lessons learned on the road, soulful melodies, and the infectious grooves of his band. A troubadour in the truest sense, Cole DeGenova has performed alongside or opened for the likes of Saul Williams, Kurt Elling, Patricia Barber, Maurice Brown, Snarky Puppy, The Alabama Shakes, Meshell N’degeocello, Paula Cole, J Davey, and rapper the GZA.



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Dot Dash
Sep 25th, 2012 by hachaduryan

Location: Washington, DC
Genre: Punk, Pop


Terry Banks – Guitars, Vocals. (Julie Ocean, Tree Fort Angst and The Saturday People)
Hunter Bennett – Bass (Julie Ocean and Weatherhead)
Bill Crandall – Guitars (Modest Proposal)
Danny Ingram- Drums (Swervedriver, Strange Boutique, Youth Brigade)


Dot Dash is a pop punk band from Washington DC. While a relatively new band, having first formed in 2010, its four members are all mainstays of their local scene, having played since the mid 80s in a succession of other acts in the Washington area.







The Sometimes Family
Aug 9th, 2012 by hachaduryan



Location: Chicago, IL

Genre: Blues, Soul



Rebecca Sometimes – guitar, lead vocals
Steve Schuster – bass, vocals
Mollie Hayward – flute, tambourine, vocals
Julius Otto – organ
Phil Merker – drums



What sets the Sometimes Family apart from other groups in this new soul era is their aim to bring back the vocally driven tune, the collaborative, harmonic group sound. Drawing inspiration from a variety of soul sources, including the Fifth Dimension, the Staples Singers, the Jackson 5 and the Friends of Distinction, their songs are written with the whole family in mind.

The Sometimes Family fuses a bluesy, soulful language with vocally driven melodies. Bass and drum grooves, rhythmic organ, and sweet flute lines seal the deal to an incredible listening experience. This Chicago soul band tickles your limbs and sets them in motion.





Me & This Army
Jul 8th, 2012 by hachaduryan




Genre: Pop/Alternative

Location: Baltimore, MD



Members: Courtney Hargrove, Nicholas Pollione, Jonathan Burrier;


Me and This Army started out in 2007 as the college indie pop project of Courtney Hargrove. Upon graduation—and desperate to hear her songs played by a full band— Courtney moved to her hometown of Baltimore, MD and recruited two talented musicians, Nicholas Pollione on bass and Jonathan Burrier playing drums. Together they have a chemistry that radiates into their energetic live show. Mixing gritty acoustic guitar pop riffs, vibrant bass lines, powerful heart-felt vocals, and explosive drumming, Me and This Army creates an impacting sound that will keep heads nodding for more. Me and This Army is set to release to release their debut EP entitled, Souls, in early 2011 , which was recorded with Mat Leffler-Schulman at Mobtown Studios.






You can learn more about Me & This Army here:

John Michaels & Seven Ships
May 31st, 2012 by hachaduryan



Location: Chicago, IL

Genre: Folk; Rock; Singer/Songwriter



John Michaels, Barbara Hollek, Brian “NatureDevil” Lambrecht, Jim Green, Mike Sabia, Jason Kluss;


Recently we came across this sweet record from our very lovely Midwest. It was difficult not to notice the old “Chicago sound” – this tasteful mix of folk, rock and blues. Listening to John Michaels & Seven Ships‘ “Other Side of The Stars” was a very pleasant 55 minute journey, masterfully guided by the Chicago musician and songwriter John Michaels and fellow singer Barbara Hollek. All songs get along very nicely, the whole album feels very well-rounded. For most songs what at first glance may seem like simple and easy on the ear tune turns out to be a rather complex symphony of many beautifully written parts.

We had a chance to ask John Michaels a few questions about his work. He was very kind to spare a few minutes of his time:


 The Lazy Cocoon: Hi John, first off John, great work on the album. It sounds great! Where did you record it?

John Michaels: The name of the studio was “Gallery Of Carpet Recording” located in Villa Park and now newly re-located in Georgia. There are some pictures of it on the band Facebook page.

TLC: All 12 songs are very personal. And then there is Dance of the Dawn. What is the story of that instrumental? How did it make it on the album?

 JM:  On the first record there was a very short quirky instrumental that opened the record and then it repeated again somewhere in the middle. I had the idea of putting a short instrumental on each record I do and making it a signature tradition for something different. It started out as just a guitar piece, but obviously grew into something much bigger. In retrospect, I probably would have left it as a guitar piece. It’s the one thing that I’m a little disappointed with. I used real instruments for everything except for that one because it would have taken a 30 or 40 piece orchestra to do it and that wasn’t realistic. I tried to do it all on the keyboard but it never quite lived up to my vision for it.

TLC: We always take at least one song and post it for free download so our readers can take a piece of your work with them in their life. Is there a particular song you would like to share with them?

 JM: I asked myself the question when trying to decide which song to put first on the record; if there were only one song on this album that people could ever hear which one would I want it to be? I picked “Other Side of the Stars”. It’s personally the most important song to me because it was inspired by a letter my father wrote to me of the same title and I feel that lyrically it speaks best for where I’m at, what I think, feel, and musically for how I’ve grown.



TLC: What was the hardest thing for you throughout the whole process?

JM: Approaching everything patiently. I was anxious to get it done, but there were a lot of obstacles to face that slowed it down and I was forced to be patient. Next to that was recording the vocals. I don’t consider myself a gifted singer so I felt a lot of pressure about getting good vocal takes. That was hard.

TLC: Is there anyone in particular you would like to thank and why?

JM: That would have to be my dad, without his financial help and support there wouldn’t be a record. I may have produced it with Brian Zieske, but my dad made it  possible. He was the bank behind it and because of his willingness to invest in me we were all given and opportunity.


John Michaels & Seven Ships will be soon announcing the official release date for the newly completed album, “Other Side of The Stars.” Let’s wish them luck and hopefully we will be seeing them touring in the second half of 2012.


You can find more information about John Michaels & Seven Ships here: 


Feb 9th, 2012 by hachaduryan



Location: Chicago, IL

Genre: Rock’n’Roll, Soul




We have always loved “the Chicago sound” and listening to Filligar always feels great! We are happy to present you this amazing band!


Filligar is an American rock band based in Chicago, Illinois and New England. The band was formed in 2000 by brothers Johnny, Teddy and Pete Mathias and their childhood friend Casey Gibson. The lineup has always remained the same. Filligar has written and recorded seven albums and over 70 original songs. The first two albums were recorded in a Chicago studio under the name Flipside, while the quartet was still in their early teens. They invented the name Filligar and have since released four albums recorded at Gravity Studios in Chicago that have been met with critical acclaim.

Filligar’s music has been inspired by a wide variety of artists and styles. The band lists their influences as Wilco, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Band, Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips, and Air. They have played with artists such as The Black Keys, The Cool Kids, Bobby Ray, Ponytail (band), Eve 6, Otis Day and The Knights and Stroke 9.

Filligar is considered one of the top college bands in the country. They have long been among the most popular bands on MTVu’s Best Music on Campus [3]. Their album Near or Far reached the College Music Journal (CMJ) Top 200 in March 2009. The Chicago Reader deemed them ‘College-rock revivalists’[4]. All four members currently attend college on the east coast of the United States. Casey attends Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. Peter, Teddy and Johnny attend Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. The band has played on campuses around the country and will continue with college tours in Spring and Fall of 2009. They have played on campus at Middlebury College, Colby College, RISD, Hamilton College, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, Northwestern University, Sewanee (University of the South), Dartmouth College and Washington University.

Filligar has received national media attention from newspapers such as The Chicago Tribune[5] and The Chicago Sun-Times[6] as well as top music blogs such as I Guess I’m Floating[7]. They have had tracks featured on MTV’s The Real World, College Life, and Buzzin’. Filligar’s ‘The Things Outside’ was used as the opening song for the 2009 Vans Triple Crown of Surf.




“Influenced by classic rock, blues, and American trad rock, Filligar took root in Chicago in 2000. Brothers Pete (drums), Johnny (guitars, vocals), and Teddy Mathias (bass) comprised the band’s familial core, while longtime friend Casey Gibson completed the lineup with his background vocals and keyboard skills. Still in their early teens, the bandmates issued three albums under the name Flipside before adopting their new moniker for 2004’s Hoofbeats & Heat. The following year saw the release of Filligar, a self-titled album that gained the band its first significant amount of local airplay. Released in 2006, Succession, I Guess saw even more success, and Filligar continued to tour and record even as the bandmembers attended college. The City Tree arrived in 2007, garnering radio play from markets throughout the U.S. as well as a warm endorsement from Chicago-based music critic Jim DeRogatis. Meanwhile, a song from the band’s previous record, Succession, I Guess, was used during an episode of The Real World, and Filligar eventually landed TV spots on additional networks. The band cracked the College Music Journal charts with the release of 2008’s Near or Far and opened for the Black Keys the following year. The Nerve followed in 2010, spawning a headlining tour that included sold-out performances at venues in New York and L.A.

~ Andrew Leahey, Rovi”





For more information about the band go to

Official Website





+1 408 600 0840
(732) 444-8663

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Laura Gibson
Jan 2nd, 2012 by hachaduryan


Location: Portland, Oregon
Genre: Independent




Laura Gibson lives in Portland, Oregon, sings songs and plays a nylon-stringed guitar. She is 26 years-old…she grew up in a small isolated logging town in the south coast of oregon, the daughter of a forest ranger and the town’s kindergarten teacher. She was a state champion high-jumper, and went to college on a math scholarship and later studied counseling in graduate school…she couldn’t tell you what band put out what particular album in what year, but she could probably describe where she was, how she felt and what you talked about, when she first met you, or what the trees looked like the last time her heart was broken…she likes trees.

In November 2004, she self-released an ep called Amends, produced and engineered by Drew Grow, on a lap-top, in a house in Newberg, Oregon. She began playing shows around that time (unless you count playing shows at local nursing homes, which she has done for some time). since then, many have been endeared to her voice and her songs. she has performed at such fine establishments as the Doug Fir Lounge and the Triple Door, The Tractor Tavern and the Hotel Cafe. She has toured the west coast, and has shared the stage with both old folksters and indie kids. Her music has been featured by West Coast radio stations, and at show-and-tell in her nephews kindergarten class. she thanks her lucky stars for these opportunities…


You can learn more about Laura Gibson here:





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Tags: music, new music, songs, free songs, free music, download music, indie, independent, electronic, indietronic, pop, electro pop, electro-pop, indie pop, indie-pop, undiscovered, obscure, rock, alternative, dreampop, dream pop, psychedelic, lo-fi, echo rock, echo pop;

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James Vincent McMorrow
Dec 29th, 2011 by hachaduryan



Location: Ireland

Genre: Folk




A songwriter from Dublin, McMorrow’s vocal talent and songwriting has resulted in invites from some of the worlds’ most influential artists to play alongside them including the legendary Al Green, Tracy Chapman, Bon Iver, Mark Ronson, and Iron and Wine.

Citing Donny Hathaway, Otis Redding, Joan Baez, Neil Young, Band of Horses, The National and Sufjan Stevens among his influences, he is noted for his rich falsetto voice.

His debut album ‘Early In The Morning’ is out now. It was entirely self-recorded by McMorrow over a five month period in a cottage by the sea, with McMorrow playing each instrument. It was released to acclaim in Ireland and the UK in March of 2010, and worldwide in January, 2011.


James first started to venture into the world of music in college. “My first instrument was the drums: I used to listen to a lot of hardcore music, At The Drive In, Refused, Glassjaw,” James notes. As James’ musical tastes broadened, so did his instrumental skills. “I started listening to older music from the 50’s-70’s, and learning guitar, piano. Then I heard a Donny Hathaway song called I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know and it made me want to start singing.” The following years were spent in the front room of his parent’s house with the piano. James recalls, “I sat in front of that piano for about three years singing notes over and over again until I could get them right.” Because of the high soulful tone to his voice, James found particular encouragement from female singer/songwriters whose vocal ranges were similar to his own. “I’ve been a huge fan of female singers, probably because of the way I sing. I can understand the way they construct melody almost better than I can the way male singers write,” James notes. “But it wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I actually wrote my first song. I knew I needed to have things worth talking about before I put pen to paper.”

With finished songs under his belt, it came time to record. Intrigued by the notion of tracking himself, James became fascinated with various production methods, particularily a lot of the hip hop music being made at the time. “That’s how I started learning to record myself,” remembers James, “by listening to people like The Neptunes and Timbaland, and trying to figure out how they did what they did.” In January of 2009 James moved to an isolated house by the Irish Sea, with the intention to record some demos. Within a month James found he loved the sound he was getting, and decided to create an album. “It took six months. I recorded and played everything myself, using one microphone and a computer, and all the equipment and instruments I’d used to make my first demos. In June 2009 I played it for people for the first time and everyone seemed to really get it.”

Vigrant Records



James Vincent McMorrow (Home Page)

Vigrant Records



+1 408 600 0840
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Tags: music, new music, songs, free songs, free music, download music, indie, independent, electronic, indietronic, pop, electro pop, electro-pop, indie pop, indie-pop, undiscovered, obscure, rock, alternative, dreampop, dream pop, psychedelic, lo-fi, echo rock, echo pop;

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Ottilia Säll
Dec 27th, 2011 by hachaduryan



Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Genre: Indie Pop



Confusing – Ottilia Säll by Ottilia Säll


Ottilias passion for music ignited in her childhood in Västerbotten, far to the north playing the drums. She wrote her first songs at 14 and recorded some of them in upper secondary school. Since then her passion and talent has been matched by an equal amount of ambition.

This ambition took her to studies in drums and other instruments in different places. In 2008 she was admitted to the renowned Music Collage in Örebro. There, in the professional studio environment Ottilias passion for creating music grew deeper. She experimented with mixing unexpected materials to the drum kit. She wrote songs, performed them and created a following. Her music was described as “An electrified emotional outburst from deep within the forests of Norrland.”

Today Ottilia works hard to achieve her goals with music. She says she wants her music to reveal what everyday life can sometimes conceal. At it’s best music can reach deep within like few other things, maybe even touch your soul. Ottilia wants to touch your soul.



You can find more about the artist here:!/ainaottilia



+1 408 600 0840
(732) 444-8663

Tags: music, new music, songs, free songs, free music, download music, indie, independent, electronic, indietronic, pop, electro pop, electro-pop, indie pop, indie-pop, undiscovered, obscure, rock, alternative, dreampop, dream pop, psychedelic, lo-fi, echo rock, echo pop;

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