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Live Sound Reinforcement – we can provide the sound system and professional audio technicians for your event. To date we have serviced a large variety of events – indoor and outdoor festivals, concerts, pop-up events, corporate events, private parties, temples of worship, nightclubs, weddings, theatrical plays and a handful other jobs in various unorthodox settings. We specialize in small and medium sized venues with up to 600 people in attendance, however we also proudly and effectively service clients with larger needs thanks to our strong partnership with fellow local AV and sound companies.   Request a quote now!


Labor Rate – this is if you have all the equipment needed and only need professional sound technicians to operate it. We can supply Senior Audio Technicians (A1) at $ 45 per hour. When needed additional Audio Technicians (A2) can be added for $35 per hour. Contact us with questions or to request a quote!

On Location Multitrack Recording – we can capture your performance, live or in a controlled environment of your convenience. For this we don’t do sound reinforcement, we just bring the needed equipment to record in multitrack. At the end of the event/project we hand you the files on a compatible hard drive provided by you.  Ask us for an Estimate!


Multitrack Mixing – if you provide us with your multitrack files in the proper formats we would certainly be able to mix them for you. $35 per hour in-house; $35 per hour + studio rates if you want your mixes done at a studio of your choice.

Contact us with questions or to request a quote!






All “Board Mixes” or “Ambient” Stereo Recordings ordered in advance by our clients can be made available within 14 calendar days after the event ends AND all outstanding payments have been settled. Our fee for such recordings is currently at $50 for the first 2 hour period, then $25 for each additional hour.**



At this time we can capture your event in Multitrack (WAV, 24 bit 48 kHz) for additional $75 per hour of recording. At the end of the event (and AFTER all outstanding payments have been settled) we will put the Raw Multitrack Files on a compatible Hard Disk Drive provided by Client.**

If Client DID NOT order in advance our Multitrack Recording service for the event, but at a later date decides that would like to obtain such Raw Multitrack Files, we may have a capture (created for our in-house purposes, such as quality assurance, educational, etc). In some cases (depending on availability and the quality of the captured material) Raw Multitrack Files may be made available within 20 days after an order is placed, for $95 per song* ($65 for sponsored events/artists).



For Clients who purchased Multitrack Recording service high resolution Stereo Mixes can be crafted and made available within 45 days after an order is placed for $175 per song* ($135 per song* for sponsored events/artists).

For Clients who DID NOT purchase Multitrack Recording, but at a later date decide they would like to obtain Stereo Mixes crafted out of such Multitrack files, they MAY have an option to do so. In some cases (depending on availability and the quality of the material) high resolution Stereo Mixes can be created and made available within 45 days after an order is placed, for $245 per song*.


All invoices must be PAID IN FULL PRIOR to event date. No exceptions. We will not leave our HQ without receiving full payment in advance.

At this time we accept cash and checks. Credit card payments can also be accommodated upon request in advance for additional 3% of invoice total.

If client requests any additional services not listed in this estimate there will be additional fees at our going rates, posted at

Set-up times may vary, but for events requiring us to supply equipment expect between 1.5 – 2.5 hours per set-up for full sound system (FOH, monitors).

4 hour minimum required for all services. Additional rental charges may apply for special orders. For locations over 25 miles away from downtown Hayward, CA we charge a $1.59 per mile surcharge for the excess mileage. 
ALL Invoices are due on receipt.  Special rates may be available for non-profit organization, exclusive projects and endorsed artists, producers or events.
*Tracks or songs up to 10 minutes in length. Each additional minute is charged at 10% of current rate. Orders are taken and fulfilled at a first-come-first-serve basis AFTER full payment has been received. All files may be ordered within one calendar year after the date of recording. Once placed in archive all prices change – additional 20% of current prices for 2 years old files, 30% additional for 3 years old files and so on. For example, if 10 years later a client comes and ask for their tracks it will cost them an extra 100% of the posted price).
**Client is responsible for providing a compatible Hard Disk Drive with a minimum of 100GB available space at the end of the event on which we can deliver the captured Raw Multitrack Files; all cables, adapters and power supplies must be included.  If client fails to do so we can make those files available for download for additional $20 fee.

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