Mike and Cody
November 19th, 2011 by hachaduryan



Genre: Grime/Pop

Location: Boston, MA


Mike and Cody Let's Go



We had the honor to speak directly to Cody Hochheiser and here is what he shared for www.thelazycocoon.com:


We are a quite new band -it is just me, Cody Hochheiser, and Mike Okusami. We met when we were in high school in a Washington D.C. jazz band – I played drums and he played bass.

He went off to Berklee College of Music and I went to Tufts University (where I am a senior now) and we started messing around on pop tunes — then this past summer we started getting serious and put together this EP. We did all of the recording, production, and mixing in Mike’s apartment in Boston, just the two of us. He is playing most of the instruments – bass, guitar, synths — I’ll play synth sometimes and we both sing (he is lead vocals on ‘headphones on’ and ‘devilish’, I am on the other five songs on the EP)

The EP has been out for about 3 weeks and we’ve gotten a really good response – it’s number 1 most popular on Bandcamp from D.C. bands (out of 12,000) and #31 out of 136,000 in the pop category.


Well, quite an impressive little start, that is for sure. The songs are great and they have been recorded and produced with some serious talent. Great job you guys, we’ll keep an eye out for you!






Here are a couple of really neat music videos, proudly performed by Mike & Cody!





You can find out more about Mike and Cody here:





Mike and Cody were also interviewed by The Tufts Daily, you can read the article at:



+1 408 600 0840
(732) 444-8663

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  • dziu writes:
    November 20th, 201110:39 pmat

    This is a really cool band. I like them because their music makes me grooooove!

    <3 <3 <3

  • hachaduryan writes:
    November 13th, 201210:14 pmat

    How about Monster Soul? It is a personal favourite.

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