Lupen Crook
October 18th, 2011 by hachaduryan



Location: United Kingdom

Genre: Indie/Singer-Songwriter


Lupen Crook – Chasing Dragons courtesy of Strummerville


Lupen Crook is an English singer-songwriter and visual artist. He has been prolific in his musical output since he emerged on the British underground music scene in 2005. Lupen Crook blends beauty and brutal truth in his own inimitable style.  Edgy and emotive, with a dark, observational wit, his imaginative song-writing continues to gather interest and acclaim from both underground and mainstream quarters.  Lupen Crook also produces a wide variety of raw and expressionistic artworks, including paintings, collage and illustrations.  He releases all musical output via his own label Beast Reality, more often than not featuring packaging that has been hand-crafted and personalised by Lupen Crook himself.


Lupen Crook –  “Chasing Dragons”


To learn more about Lupen Crook visit his homepage at



+1 408 600 0840
(732) 444-8663

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2 Responses  
  • Kerri writes:
    October 20th, 20119:40 pmat

    Awesome! Great song!

  • john starr writes:
    October 20th, 20119:42 pmat

    Neat stuff, this guys definitely has some talent. The song is really fun to listen to, I just had to download it! 🙂

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